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A university-wide distance learning drill is to be carried out for 2 weeks since May 11(111.5.9)

Dear faculty, staff, and students,

  In response to the growing epidemic, a university-wide distance learning drill is to be carried out for 2 weeks. The following are the details of the drill.

  1. Distance learning should be conducted for all courses in the university during the drill period from May 11 (Wed.) to May 24 (Tues.).
  2. For courses that may not be suitable for distance learning such as in-person experimental courses, hands-on courses, physical education and service learning, make-up classes need to be scheduled before June 30 when in-person classes resume (subject to change depending on the epidemic situation). Instructors are advised to guide students to conduct self-learning by specifying reading materials, uploading relevant reference videos, or guiding students to complete study sheets/ homework and submit them online, etc.
  3. On-site exams should be suspended during the drill period and online multi-assessments can be adopted by considering the course attributes. http://ctld.nthu.edu.tw/news/index.php?mode=data&id=3450
  4. The final exam week is scheduled from June 11 to June 17. If on-site exams cannot be resumed by then, other flexible methods (such as submitting reports, holding online tests, adjusting grading percentages, etc.) must be used to calculate the semester grades. Instructors are advised to plan in advance.
  5. During the drill period, it is still necessary to understand the status of students' attendance and learning, and to check the effectiveness of teaching.
  6. For more information on distance learning, please refer to the website of Center for Teaching and Learning Development.


Contacts for:

  1. Division of Curriculum (inquiry of curriculum)

curricul@my.nthu.edu.tw  ext. #31395, 31394, 1393

  1. Center for Teaching and Learning Development (inquiry of distance learning)

ctld@my.nthu.edu.tw     ext. #62244, 35053

Office of Academic Affairs      




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